Monday, December 4, 2017

Speech-Language Pathologist Growth Rubric and Schools Committee Update

Welcome to the 2017-2018 school year!  This is going to be a great year and I know we are all excited to move forward and do what we love, serve our students with communication delays.

Over the summer months, the Schools Committee developed a new optional tool for a speech-language pathologist with a Mississippi Department of Education 215 license supervising a 216 license holder.  I believe it will be very applicable and helpful to document the 215’s mentoring efforts.  The tool was reviewed by the Mississippi Department of Education- Office of Special Education (OSE).  While this will not be an official or required MDE document, they have given their support and agree this will be useful in documenting mentor-ship from the 215 to the 216.  This is being sent out via e-blast to the MSHA membership for download and use at your convenience.

Additionally, over the summer months members of the Schools Committee met with MDE for our quarterly meeting.  MSHA presented them with the results of the Employee Satisfaction Survey from the 2016-2017 school year.  The MDE OSE was very open and willing to review the findings of this survey.  With MSHA’s assistance, MDE is exploring concern areas and we are hopeful to see positive change in the coming months.  MSHA will share updates as they arise.

Also pertaining to MDE, MSHA is consistently monitoring new developments from MDE regarding the Every Student Succeeds Act (ESSA).  Again, we will send information as it becomes available.
As the school year kicks into full swing, please see the attached link from MDE’s website with the current Speech-Language Pathologist Growth Rubric.  This is to be used for 215 and 216 license holders.  Please share this information with your administrators, Special Education Directors, etc. if there is confusion regarding the appropriate professional growth tool to be used for Speech Language Pathologists and Speech Therapists.

MSHA’s Schools Committee is excited to explore the use of telepractice in the school setting.  In collaboration with the MSHA Healthcare Committee, we are laying the foundation to make this a viable, practical and successful service delivery model for our state.  More information will be released about this initiative in the future.  If your district is using telepractice, please let us know! We would love incite from MSHA members to help grow and improve this practice.

Please remember, ASHA offers a wide range of resources for SLP’s in the schools.  Follow the link below to access it:

As a team, the Schools Committee members are working to assist our MSHA members to offer the best and most appropriate services for our students.  I know we can all agree, Mississippi’s children deserve the best- that is our passion!  If you have questions, concerns, or would like to volunteer for the Schools Committee, we would be thrilled to have you.  Please contact me if you are interested:

Melissa Ladner, VP: Schools Committee

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